Fishing Info

Lake Harris and the surrounding lakes that make up it's chain, specialize mostly in Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie and Bream. Among these, Bluegill and Shellcracker are also common.

The Harris chain is lined with Kissimmee grass, lily pads, reeds, and bulrushes while the outter span of the surrounding water is made up of mostly dark stained water.

The bottom is mostly hard sand except for some shallow marshy areas where the bottom is soft mud. The lake also contains deep holes and ledges, making it's average depth much more greater than Florida's largest lake, Lake Okeechobee.

During the spring time along the grass lines/beds 3 ft or less most anglers will suggest working a worm or crawfish in the thick stuff, the pockets and the outside edge. The depth in the grass normally ranges from 2-5 feet, so throwing a spinnerbait into scattered stuff and working them over open pockets works well too.

In extremely fertile and dark stained waters, standard tackle makes it much more difficult to fish. Instead, it is suggested as the water gets more stained, go to brighter colors, such as whites, yellows and oranges. In water thats stained a dark green or brown, try using more multi-color combinations.

Finally during the summer and fall, deeper lines should be worked in areas of the lake that range from 5ft and deeper. You can also try flipping a worm or crawfish along the outside edge while using topwaters typically in the pockets and dents along the grass line.